Main Rules and Basic Principles to Start a Good Dissertation

Main Rules and Basic Principles to Start a Good Dissertation

Creating a dissertation is a quite complex process that requires a lot of time to find good literature sources, read tons of information about the chosen topic, get fresh ideas about your future research, think about questions you are going to review in your study. All students who graduate the university, are required to create this important and huge document that can be published after creating.

Our article will provide you with useful tips. You will know how to start your dissertation properly and how to make a clear plan for your future writing. We'll teach you how to search good sources. We will give you some good techniques for making this part interesting, and show you tips on starting a paper properly.

In the introduction of your dissertation, you have to show to readers the problem of your research and state question of your study. You need to have solid writing experience. It's important to start your document from an interesting point to get audience interest during reading your introduction. The dissertation is a very serious document that requires a lot of time, research, analysis, abilities to structure, evaluate and understand information, and good writing ability. In our guide, we will give you useful tips. You'll learn how to start dissertation and make a good and interesting document.

The successful document will:

  • have a clear and bright title;
  • be planned and researched properly;
  • prove a certain student has high level of knowledge;
  • include such elements as critical evaluation, discussion, and analysis;
  • contain properly cited sources;
  • be outlined and structured properly according to academic rules;
  • shows the teacher that student is able to use knowledge to create well-structured document.

10 Things you Should Keep in Mind Before Starting your Dissertation

If you are a student who is heading into the final year in fall, then you are thinking hard about the big project to fulfill. It is an undergraduate dissertation. Whether your proposal is submitted by the committee already or no, you understand that you have a hard issue to fulfill and spend many days and even weeks.

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We have completed a list of important things you should follow:

  1. Start right after your proposal is accepted. It means you have to start even before the summer. There are always people that like to wait until the last minute, but most of them didn't get good grades.
  2. Meet your supervisor, try to respect their comments, feedback, and critique; remember these people are on your side to support you!
  3. If you feel that your current supervisor is not right, you can request to change. It is not a problem if you have legitimate reasons.
  4. Be prepared to fulfill a big job; you may be scared at some point, or you may feel you can do nothing - it is normal! All students have such messed feelings when developing their projects, and there are no doubts that you need to solve a lot of problems in the very beginning of your project. Getting degree is worth of trying!
  5. Have some rest: it's important to make your paper, but you need good rest to refresh your mind, so set your gaps to focus on pleasant things and enjoy your life!
  6. Don't forget about using technology. Creating your paper is not so difficult when you can find all the needed data online without going to the library and reading tons of books. You can type your document easily instead of rewriting and editing paper draft for million times. Don't forget to create a backup copy of the file!
  7. You'll think and talk about your assignment constantly. While you are going out with a group of friends, you'll discuss such things as finding great writing methodology, planning a preliminary draft for all chapters, choosing material for references and bibliography, and setting specific terms to finish everything within a deadline.
  8. Your family members won't be so interested in your project. They might discuss something with you, but in general, they quickly choose other topics to talk, but take it as a benefit to distract from your writing and clear your mind!
  9. When you put the final word, it's time to print out all pages. It's not a secret that it will cost you a lot. If you want good advice how to save money, you must avoid checking your document at the last moment. Set some time beforehand to check each and every page and section to correct mistakes. It is easier than proofreading a whole document within a day!
  10. When you hand your document in, you will understand that you have finished a huge task, now it's time to sleep, rest, and get a thought about next stage of your life related to your future career.

10 Tips You Need to Follow when Starting Your Dissertation

We know that it may seem hard to start when you have no idea how to do it, but here is a plan you should try to follow. You need to find a right approach. We suggest dividing all work into easy parts you can complete step by step. These are simple stages that will be helpful in making successful content.

  1. Define the area of your researching: brainstorm your ideas, write down each and every thought that comes into your head. It's an important step. On early stage of development your work, you need to understand what topic you have chosen and what problem you will highlight.
  2. Read and learn studies (similar dissertations) that already exist on the particular subject.
  3. Identify the key points of your future paper.
  4. Keep in mind that your work must answer a question you put in the beginning.
  5. Don't forget to make notes: do reference list and include there all books and website you use for writing.
  6. Define the method of research you will use in your future paper.
  7. Think what relevant arguments can support your thesis statement.
  8. Conduct the research and develop your schedule for creating parts of your future paper; dividing a big assignment into several smaller tasks will help you to make the process of writing more manageable and easier.
  9. It will be helpful for you to form a clear outline of each and every chapter before you start.
  10. Remember that it doesn't mean you must think about the task 24/7! Learn how to turn off your mind and just to have good rest; it is useful to do because you will start working with new energy after a break. Your nervous system will be thankful!

How to Create an Introduction to a Dissertation?

You should make this part after the entire document is finished, and without any doubt, you can make a rough copy of this part. During the writing process of paper, you may need to update and correct the introduction according to your work goals.

Remember the goals of the chapter! The introduction must explain the main aim of your work and prove to the audience why your research is so important. You should include thesis statement of your paper here. It's important to provide readers with a brief background where you need to put a short review of the literature to show readers what information is already known about the topic.


The first paragraph of your paper is a “door” for people into thesis of your project. It must be clear and well-understandable even for a person that is not an expert in the particular field. We suggest reading successful masters dissertation introduction example to create your paragraph. The good idea is to read the finished introduction to your friend or relative and see if everything is understandable for them.

Here are some useful tips for making an introduction.

  • it's good to bring an opening sentence that will grab the attention of your audience and make them read the whole work with interest;
  • don't make this part large, but outline your work direction and argument;
  • never put in introduction something that you're not going to deliver later in your work;
  • make clear sentences and use an appropriate language and tone of your writing. It is quite important for the custom introduction of a dissertation.

Tips to Make a Proper Dissertation Introduction Structure

This part of your work explains to readers clearly what you're going to investigate and research.

Let's figure out the main goal of this part:

  1. Introducing to readers the subject of your document and describing a goal of your research.
  2. Grabbing audience's attention to involve people read your work.
  3. Convincing readers of the practical and scientific relevance of your paper.

So, how long should be an introduction - we recommend writing for about 5 - 7% of the entire paper length. We suggest searching for a good sample dissertation introduction chapter to understand what you must include in this paragraph.

Let's define how a dissertation introduction outline should look like:

  • An indication of your problem. Explain why you are making certain research and why it's so important. Try to choose an interesting topic; this will encourage people to read a whole work.
  • Describe a subject of your dissertation — define it directly and clear;
  • Explain to readers practical use of your paper;
  • Give a brief explanation of some important scientific works connected to your dissertation subject;
  • Describe the main problem you are going to highlight in your work;
  • Provide readers with a short list of your research methods.

For more effective writing, you can use this simple checklist for the introduction.

  • You have limited your work's subject;
  • You've proved the scientific importance of your paper;
  • You've explained practical importance of work to readers;
  • You've mentioned some articles connected to your paper's subject;
  • The purpose and the problem statement are completed;
  • You wrote a short description of the research design;
  • You've written a brief overview of the document;
  • Your dissertation introduction length is 5 - 7% of the entire document length.

Creating a Bright Dissertation: Qualified Help Online

Not all people have excellent writing abilities to creative writing. Are you still not sure how to make a bright introduction? If you don't have enough time to make this huge and significant work, then a good decision is to order your paper from a reliable and professional writing service.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose writing company:

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  • You feel your writing skills are weak to make such important work;
  • You must create it urgently within a short term;
  • You are lazy to make this paper (yes, sometimes it happens!);
  • You want your work to be perfect but you unsure if you will be able to create such work on your own.

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We hope our detailed guide helped you in creating this very important paper. We know sometimes not everything in your life goes smooth, but many students pass through this hard process, and you will do it too! Are you feel struggling with making your paper? Keep in mind it will be finished anyway, so work hard but don't forget about good rest. Believe in yourself and create successful dissertation with our help!