Dissertation Title Page - Comprehensive Formatting Guide

Dissertation Title Page - Comprehensive Formatting Guide

Dissertation writing is the very final stage of the education process; it can help you increase your final grade and impress your teacher. At the same time, a poorly done thesis can make you fail. For this not to happen, it is critically important to pay attention not only to the thesis contents but also to paper formatting. And since a title page is the very first thing that a teacher sees and evaluates, you are to make sure that it doesn’t contain a single formatting error. So let’s dive deeper into the question of what information a thesis title page should cover and how it should look.

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Title page as part of the graduation project

The graduation work is designed to summarize and systematize the material accumulated during you exploring a theme; to demonstrate your level of qualification and your ability to work with the information. Of course, the content part of this work is crucial; however, dissertation formatting also requires special attention. In order not to lose any points on banal APA/ MLA formatting mistakes, we strongly advise you to adhere to the basic formatting rules, starting with the title page.

The title page of a dissertation gives the reader an idea about its author, topic, your supervisor, and the educational institution you are graduating from. Since a thesis is a formal document, all the information should be written in a specific order on a title page. 

Dissertation title page structure

A title page (or a cover page) of your work should contain all key information about the project, including:

  • Project title - The title of the thesis needs to be identical on all documents: a title page, signed Approval page, unsigned Approval page, Non-Exclusive Copyright License, etc.
  • Student’s name - Your full name should follow the title with “by” proceeding it on a title page. Just as a title, your name should be centered (not bolded, italicized, or underlined on a title page).
  • The type of document - Type in the academic work type (A Dissertation) below the middle one-third of the title page. Do not include any other information on a title page unless it is required.
  • The department and institution - On the title page, indicate the department and the institution you are submitting the work to. City / state / country should be added as part of the institution's name.
  • The degree program (e.g., Master of Arts) - Just below the information about the department and university on the title page, specify the degree program you are obtaining. In case you have any previous degrees, list them on a title page in descending chronological order - one degree per line. In case space allows, you can also specify the discipline of previous degrees in brackets.
  • The date of submission - Date on a title page should reflect month and year of dissertation submission to the Office of the University Registrar.

Another thing to remember is that no page number should appear on the title page. Besides, it may sometimes be necessary to have your student number, your supervisor’s name, and your university’s logo on a title page. So make sure to specify this information with your supervisor. 

Title page formatting help

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