Graduation Dresses For College: The Latest Trends and Advice of a Stylist

Graduation Dresses For College: The Latest Trends and Advice of a Stylist

Graduation and a college-leaving party are one of the most memorable events of our life. It concerns ladies mostly, as it is not only a day of saying ‘goodbye’ to college. It is the first serious ball as well. The primary goal of graduation dresses for college is highlighting all advantages of a young lady and the creation of a soft feminine style. No matter how beautiful your dress is, if it is too tight or baggy, turn it down. Here you will know how to celebrate your final day of college properly. Learn how to combine color, accessories, and jewelry to get the perfect outfit.

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Fashionable Color Schemes of Graduation Dresses for College in 2019

Agree that right shade has the same importance as proper cut, fabric, and size. A lucky choice of color will make a great impact, while a bad decision can spoil the whole impression. Colorists advise to direct attention to season color types:

  1. Bright winter-type ladies should choose rich shades. They will look fabulous in a red gown. Pick silver or platinum, bold colors close to face and less jewelry.
  2. Summer-type maidens have to orient themselves to pale shades. Silver and platinum will be the best. Add some fine and non-bold jewelry.
  3. Spring-type women will look outstanding in warm and light shades. Choose light gold, creamy pearls, and big accessories.
  4. Autumn-type girls can allow themselves a combination of bright colors. Wear such metals as copper, bronze or gold and do not limit yourself in experiments with jewelry.

Pay attention to the latest trend - gradient. It is a mild transition from one shade to another. When it goes about the most fashionable colors of 2019, stylists advice to look at a purple and pink scheme. Turquoise will be a very urgent shade. Of course, do not forget about two ‘safe bets’ of graduation dresses for college - black and white.

Do not forget that colors of your shoes and a gown must be in harmony. Do not pick white shoes with a white outfit. It is a ball, not a wedding. With a white-snow outfit choose something with pale, light blue or turquoise colors. Pick light colored shoes according to ivory shaded gown. Fineries with pale shades look perfect with light neutral shoes (white, silver or gold). A good variant is a nude shade - a color that is similar to your skin shade.  Remember, that you have to pick accessories according to a shade of your shoes. Clutch is an exception.

Sometimes selecting proper shoes is like choosing an adequate topic of a dissertation. This is significant in your college life as well.

How to Choose a Cut of a Graduation Dress?

Today a young maid can select from billions of various fineries. It does not matter if you shop or order an outfit in an atelier. Some products of modern fashion shops can amaze you. Here are some featured trends of 2019:

  • Lace. Like a hundred years ago, lace keeps femininity and sexuality reserved.  Modern designers decorate an upper part, back, and skirt parts of dresses. Lace graduation dresses for college are tender and light.
  • Empire. This cut is also called a ‘greek’ style. They are romantic and sophisticated. However, new time bring new features - upper waist, loose style, and one shoulder. These fineries will do well both for ladies with long legs and short ladies.
  • Godé. These dresses are also called ‘mermaid’ because of their characteristic look. Such an outfit will be the best for maids with a perfect body. It will highlight their advantages.
  • Asymmetry. This cut is universal and feminine at the same time. It allows feeling free.
  • Corset. According to the point of view of popular stylists, corsets are still fashionable in 2019. However, one should not pick a heart-shaped bodice.
  • Midi and Maxi. These are absolute ‘safe bets’ during a graduation ball. A case maxi gown will become the most fashionable in 2019. Some designers improve the variant with an upper corset or long sleeves.
  • Fringe. Dresses decorated with fringe are a ‘hot’ and fashionable choice. Plus, it is universal, so you can wear it even after a ball.
  • Basque. If you have decided to take a mini dress, take a look at a sort of fineries with a bright basque. These cuts will highlight the waist and hips.

How to Choose a Dress According To Figure?

It does not matter if a gown is on sale or has an affordable price. If it cannot hide or highlight your figure, you do not have rights to wear it. Many ladies start preparing for the graduation ball several months before by going to fitness centers or having diets. By the way, on the page, you’ll know how to prepare for writing a dissertation and use citations properly.

What do stylists say about a correlation between your figure and your possible outfit? Here are some important facts to know:

  • Tiny ladies should pick a middle length or mini dress.
  • Tall girls can wear midi dresses as well. However, they can allow long dresses as well.
  • Ladies of average height can wear midi dresses or long ones with length up to ankles.
  • Ladies with expressive hips should choose bell-bottomed outfits.
  • Girls with wide shoulders should cover them with an outfit or a bolero.
  • Maids with straight legs and not expressive waist should choose a linen kimono dress or a short empire gown.
  • Ladies with a narrow waist should highlight it with n outfit.
  • Tender girls can pay attention to light chiffon graduation fineries.
  • Ladies with a bright “sand-glass” figure are the luckiest - they can choose any cut of a graduation gown.

These are the most important rules of picking an outfit at a graduation party. For a young girl dreaming of success, it is as important as finishing a college with a perfect dissertation. Decide, choose and create your own style with tips found in the post.