How to Write a Grant Proposal to Win the Main Prize

How to Write a Grant Proposal to Win the Main Prize

There are no doubt it is hard and time-consuming. The main thing you need to learn about this particular task is the focused and clear description of your problem and request. If you want to learn how to write a grant proposal, you need to learn how to identify the problem in your community and create a program to solve the problem and then describe it correctly for the source of the grant you want to get. In this article our experts will tell you everything you need to know to create a proper grant proposal.

5 Main Steps of How to Write a Grant Proposal

There are five main steps you can divide your writing process on. It is not a typical writing task such as an essay but not so though as dissertation. Grant proposal is something between research paper and cause and effect essay. A research proposal maybe? Well, let’s discuss everything below.

Step 1: Identify the Problem

The provider of the grant program must be convinced by your proposal that the result will be positive. The effect on your community must be clear and obvious. There is no need to hide anything or to look for some uncertain ways to deliver your message.

You need to start with the problem identification first. You cannot create a proper grant proposal in case there is no clear understanding what problem should be solved with its help. Yes, it may sound too obvious but not all writers understand right from the start what their problem is. Yes, they need to improve their community or something in it but what is wrong and what should be improved with the grant.

Also, some people may understand the problem but have not enough skills or knowledge to describe and analyze it. So, be prepared as this step may take some time before you start actually creating the proposal.

Involve Everyone

If there is a need to get help from members of your community, do not hesitate to involve everyone you can. The more people will participate in your project the better view of the problem you will get. You need to involve everyone connected to the problem and to its solution.

  • Describe the impact of the problem
  • Investigate possible causes of the problem
  • Come up with a solution
  • Describe possible positive effects

Step 2: Identify Your Main Goal

After the problem is identified and described properly it is time to find the solution. Think about the effect you want to achieve. What it will bring to your community? Are you sure the problem will not come back after some certain period of time. Will it solve the problem entirely or just partly. All these questions must be described in your grant proposal.

Identify, Set, and Measure Outcomes

You need to set your clear goals and reachable outcomes. It is very important to get just realistic goals, there is no use and need to set something absolutely unreachable, ideal, and fantastic. Create a short list of achievements that you can really guarantee.

Take some usual situation like a pollution of a river. Lots of communities are suffering from this case and grants can be a real solution. And the outcomes are really obvious:

  • Safe river to swim in
  • It is safe to catch fish and cook it
  • No bad smell in the area
  • A great chance for a local riverfront revival

Do not forget to involve other people from your community to develop the solution and identify main outcome.

Every result should not just stated but also measured. It is very important. If it is impossible to measure the result or you are just not able to do it, you should not include such a point into your list.

Step 3: Make a Plan

At this point you should be already clear about your direction. You may also create an outline or a really raw draft of what you are going to say and state in your paper. Having a plan is always a great decision no matter if you are writing a proposal or simple literature review. But here are also few tips you can suggest for your task.

  • Involve Experts

It is always helpful to have some experts in your team and on your side. There are lots of different ways where you can get those experts. There are lots of private and governmental professionals who can provide you with their opinion and analysis. With such comments your project will get more support and value.

  • Use Experience of Other Communities

You should not come up with something groundbreaking. Do not look for new ways in case there are already people with proper experience. Use it and work with them, especially those who are successful. Use any source of information possible.

  • Clearly Describe Your Solution

If the problem is clearly described the solution should also have focused and understandable description. You need to set all the roles and methods of the solution. Try to use not too many technical terms.

Step 4: Find The Grant and Funding Source

This might be the most tricky step of all. You have a project, you came up with the solution, and now it is time to share your idea and prove that it is worth of attention and sponsorship. Sometimes it is hard to find a proper grant, especially if you have some clear deadline for your project. Some funds have a really time-consuming process of projects approval. And you need to be ready for this. Business proposals have very similar tips as you may guess.

Step 5: Write Your Grant Proposal

Here is the time to start writing your proposal. After all main points are identified you can get the prime task done. Get all the points together and create a proper piece of writing. It should be clear and convincing. All points should describe some certain part of the program from the problem to its solution.

Bottom Line

Now you know all the main points of how to write a grant proposal to write a grant proposal. Our experts have great experience and can help you out with any format. Contact us anytime to get a professional writing assistance.