7 Examples of How the CRM Firmao System Helps in Everyday Work

7 Examples of How the CRM Firmao System Helps in Everyday Work

You can often hear that CRM is a must-have tool for business. But what is CRM and why is it so important? In this article, we will explain what this useful tool is and how it helps in everyday work, using the CRM system from Firmao as an example.

How to Describe a CRM System?

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system combines all the functionalities that every company needs to operate efficiently. The definition of a CRM system states that it is an IT system that automates and supports processes between the customer and the company at various stages of contact - not only during sales.

CRM is often used at an earlier stage - in the marketing department, which is most often the main source of "leads", the so-called sales opportunities, that are supposed to turn into potential customers. In addition, CRM software supports the work of the customer service department, as well as the management board, because it allows you to collect and analyze all knowledge about customer experience in one place.

Benefits of Implementing a CRM System

CRM systems have many functions that significantly increase the efficiency of companies. Find out about the most important benefits of implementing such software.
  1. More efficient customer service
Customers have needs and requirements. They maintain the correct response rates, assist the seller in making a decision, or provide hassle-free after-sales service. The dilemma faced by, for example, Salespeople or Customer Service departments is to control all such requests.

Meanwhile, based on the history of contacts with the customer and the analysis of data collected in CRM resources, we can rebuild the customer service process. If we understand him better, we can give him what he wants.
  1. Analysis of the effectiveness of employees’ activities

Collecting a large amount of information in one place, which is easy to process thanks to integration with CRM and automation tools, also allows you to effectively measure the team’s activities.

What type of data for analysis can we extract from CRM systems? We are talking about:

• monitoring and analysis of the number of obtained, processed and lost leads
• closed and lost sales opportunities
• key findings and contact histories with leads/customers

Analyzing these processes will be easier and more effective thanks to CRM, but of course, it requires training employees in systematic and detailed work with data, as well as drawing appropriate conclusions.
  1. More control and better organization

A frequent mistake of entrepreneurs is the lack of control over the work of the team and the inappropriate organization of the work of its members. In such a situation, CRM will come to your aid – you will monitor the progress of salespeople’s work and the level of implementation of assigned tasks on an ongoing basis. You can easily assign them to individual people. Many systems have a built-in notification system that will remind your employees about meeting dates and important phone calls.
  1. Greater sales efficiency

As you already know, thanks to the CRM system, you collect customer data in one place. Thanks to it, you can find information about the history of their interactions with your brand in a few clicks. You will also gain access to reports and statistics. What’s more, every employee will be able to check them – from anywhere. All this translates into greater knowledge about the client, and thus – increased sales efficiency.
  1. Better anticipation of customer needs = better customer service

Easier access to data as well as solutions in the field of customer segmentation allow you to get to know them better and understand their needs. You will see that at some point they won’t even have to talk about them. So you’ll introduce the solutions they need in advance, improving customer service and increasing the efficiency of your business.
  1. Lowering selling costs

The implementation of a CRM system means two things: shortening the sales process and increasing its efficiency. All this translates into lower customer acquisition costs – while increasing your company’s profits.
  1. Increasing the level of data security

By storing customer data in a regular spreadsheet, you cannot be sure about their security. The situation is completely different if you use a professional CRM system that is equipped with appropriate security.


We hope that these few examples have shown you that the implementation of a CRM system brings many benefits. However, there are definitely more of them. You can find out for yourself by implementing the CRM system! If you think this type of tool will work in your company, try Firmao and take advantage of the 14 days free trial, thanks to which you will have time to get used to the system and learn about its functions.