30 Dissertation Topics to Impress Your Professor

30 Dissertation Topics  to Impress Your Professor

A dissertation is obviously the toughest challenge for a student. This is an in-depth research that shows the findings and study of the candidate. Dissertation topics is a very popular question asked by students. Another purpose is to acquire a professional qualification.  How to cope with it?

  1. Your theme should be currently relevant and interesting for other students and audiences.
  2. It is supposed to concentrate on an essential problem that helps to overcome a problem of the present time.
  3. Your research should focus on a theme that isn’t explored well enough.
  4. Your dissertation topic must offer effective and approved data and methods to the solution of the studied subject.

A researcher should take into account a wide range of data that takes a lot of time and strengths. This is a complicated work; some students cannot even select dissertation topics. When it comes to the decision on yours, consider several points that help to compose a good dissertation. An appropriate dissertation theme should possess the qualities mentioned above.

These four points are universal and suitable for all types of dissertations. Undoubtedly, this task is difficult and sometimes requires extra help. A researcher has to search and find adequate & effective evidence. It’s needed to conduct a detailed and precise analysis of different information sources. The found materials must be obligatorily official. This is a scientific research and you cannot use theories and opinions without the firm foundations.

The supporting materials work in two ways – approval and disapproval. Your major aim is to find the information that supports the main idea of your dissertation. This is a common task for every piece of writing. In the meanwhile, one should deny the arguments of other authors who might oppose your objectives. You will definitely face opinions that are contrary to your dissertation theory. You can use citation and quotes in your work.

These aspects show how complicated the dissertation topic selection is. This matter should be taken seriously.The Major Parts of Your Dissertation

Such a complex assignment requires lots of strength and inspiration. If a researcher fully dedicates himself/herself to this assignment, every obstacle will be resolved. One of the keys to a successful accomplishment of a dissertation is its structure. It is standard but never forget about it.

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion

It goes beyond all doubts that the content of your dissertation is dependent on the selected theme. Once you are through with this stage, craft an outline and include all these points.

The introductory section provides the general information concerning the issue you are going to study. Implement some informative, catchy facts about the area you have chosen to study. Show the importance of your dissertation and after you ignite the desire to read it, introduce your thesis.

The next section should contain the materials you have found and used to conduct the research. This is a compulsory requirement. It proves that a researcher has taken a full responsibility and done a lot to conduct an appropriate research.

Afterward, you should reveal the methods used to study the main issue of your dissertation. Answer several questions in this section. Tell what methods you have preferred, describe them and explain the reasons of their choice. Prove that they were necessary to support your dissertation.

After that comes the section with your results. Plainly introduce everything. Show what you’ve managed to receive and how you came to it.

The last section of a dissertation is the discussion of the project. This is a conclusion. Restate the thesis statement and discuss the outcomes. Interpret the received data, analyze it and express your own opinion concerning the future of your research.

One more frequently asked question is about topics. Those management dissertation can make one crazy when you are looking for something extraordinary and really actual. This part of work is not a big deal - there are many ideas of topics for management dissertation on the Internet - on different academic sites, professional blogs (written by dons), and articles posted on university sites. Here are some variants of doctoral dissertation topics and other kinds of this assignment.

How to Search for a Dissertation Topic Effectively?

Searching can take much time. Knowing certain tricks and tips will help to save time and efforts on writing a dissertation.

  1. Don’t choose a poorly studied issue (with few sources of information). This may seem tempting, but absolute innovation is difficult. Are you ready to accept this? If you barely know the subject and have access to few resources,  you will not cope without a serious scientific supervision and help of a professional.
  2. Justifying the relevance of the issue - one of the initial stages of the study. “Relevance” as applied to the dissertation means the timeliness and social significance of the research. Justification of the relevance of the issue should be capacious and therefore short. Your paper is to address challenges, not to list obvious things.
  3. The main task is to describe the essence of the problem, i.e. a controversial situation that needs to be resolved. Such a situation often arises as a result of the action of new factors (conditions) that can change (develop) previous theoretical ideas. These can be new economic conditions. As a result, it is possible to revise existing approaches to “mechanisms for the legal regulation of economic development”.
  4. In some cases, various methods of structuring information, such as a communication diagram, can help you to demonstrate your points of view; focus on the logic of ideas and concepts - use them in the dissertation.
  5. Avoid aimlessly describing the statement after statement, your goal is to offer your point of view on this issue through a critical analysis of each source.

To formulate a scientific problem is to find out known and unknown facts about the subject of the research, to analyze the degree of elaboration of the problem. The research problem of a dissertation determines the research methodology, its purpose, and objectives. With the right choice of the research topic, at this initial stage, one can assume its theoretical and practical significance, as well as its scientific novelty.

Avoid broad topics. Theses concerning many issues are often in practice about “nothing”, they are often superficial, not independent and barely useful in real life.

Sometimes in the framework of the dissertation research, it is advisable to determine the development of theoretical concepts previously put forward by a scientific school as a goal. For example, in your dissertation, you can develop an author's approach to solving a scientific problem, i.e. to solve private issues in the framework of one or another previously tested concept.

Catchy Topics for a Management Dissertation

  1. Development of future leaders: the factor that influences a leader’s main qualities.
  2. An explorative analysis of the most critical elements of time-management of the world’s leaders.
  3. Innovative development & change management in organizations.
  4. The organizational & economic mechanism for managing innovative projects.
  5. Valuation & management of business value: new approaches.
  6. Methodological approaches to the identification and study of structural barriers to increase organizational efficiency.
  7. Formation of the organizational culture in a company: research methodology & empirical assessment.
  8. Study of an organization’s marketing opportunities in target markets.
  9. Analysis of the consumer portfolio in the underlying market.
  10. Designing the basic management process/es in organizations & assessing their economic efficiency.

Interesting Topics for a Doctoral Dissertation

  1. Depression & Antidepressants: Are There Any Alternatives?
  2. Domestic Violence in the 2000s - Methods to Prevent and Foresee.
  3. Children with hyperactivity syndrome and ways of dealing with this diagnosis in XXI.
  4. The reasons for developing the anti-vaccination movement and ways of stopping it.
  5. Anger management at work - measures to help people stay emotionally stable in a critical situation during work.
  6. Modern cosmetology - an opportunity to change any body or a weapon of creating an unattainable beauty icon?
  7. Professional sports medicine - how to control sportsmen's doping intake. Are the ideas of a healthy professional sport a utopia?
  8. Fake anti-cancer medications - who is to take responsibility and what are the most effective ways of controlling the modern pharmaceuticals industry?
  9. New approaches to immunotherapy of basal cell carcinoma of the skin.
  10. The immunological rationale for the pathogenetic use of an excimer laser in alopecia.

Great Topics for a Dissertation

  1. The state as a subject of socialization of America’s youth: mechanisms and technologies of participation.
  2. New law status of homosexual families - the global effect on modern society’s moral norms.
  3. Sociological concept of the regional migration policy in the national security system.
  4. Sexual harassment in sports organizations - why do sportsmen keep silent?
  5. The impact of gender discrimination on the self-estimation & self-actualization.
  6. Food ingredients not mentioned on the label - hidden risks and law abuse? Do modern food producers cheat their customers?
  7. A review of the history of changes in human rights in the 50-80s in the USA.
  8. Associative structure of word meaning and perception modality.
  9. Non-classical methods of compositional construction of a modern film script.
  10. The crisis of marriage vs. family and intergenerational relations and priority areas of the demographic policy in the USA.

If you suffer from choosing a topic, look through ready papers on the internet. There are services offering lists of dissertation topics which is a hard job for hopeless students. Sometimes they help to get inspired and create your own unusual one.